Agility Cone Drill

This is another one of those basketball drills with cones that will really build on your speed, agility, and balance on the court.

Agility Cone Drill Steps

  1. To perform this basketball drill, you will want three cones.
  2. Place each cone approximately two to three large steps away from each other.
  3. Start in a balanced position facing forward behind the middle cone
  4. Push off the floor with your left foot laterally and move either to the right cone.
  5. Quickly push off of your right foot to move back to the centre cone.
  6. Push off your right foot and move to the left cone.
  7. Push off of your left foot and return to the centre cone.
  8. At minimum perform this drill for five sets at one minute per set.

As you progress with this drill, you will want to change it up a little to include cross over movements with your legs. Instead of moving your feet in a lateral motion, you will cross over your feet when moving between the cones.

Check this video out for a clear explanation of this basketball drill.

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