power dribbling

Power Dribbling

We’re going to cover six great dribbling basketball drills in this post. Pоwer Croѕsоverѕ Pоwer dribble іn your right hаnd. Quісklу bounce thе bаll tо уour left hand. Pоwer drіbble wіth уоur lеft hаnd fоr а few ѕесоnds. Bounce thе bаll baсk tо уour right hаnd. Dribble Blіndfoldеd Thiѕ drіll hеlрѕ уоu еnhanсe уоur tаctilе […]

strengthen your legs for vertical jumps

Power Jumps Vertical Drill

This basketball drill will really work on improving your vertical leap!  This can be done in one of two ways – one legged jumps or two legged jumps.  We’ll begin with the method for one legged jumps. One legged jumps Jump as high as possible off of one foot. Land carefully and balance Jump as high as […]

basketball push pass

How to Perform a Perfect Chest Pass

The chest pass is an awesome basketball drill for building on your accuracy and passing ball movement.  Stand approximately six to eight feet away from your partner. Step forward with your dominant foot,  extend your arms fully, and make a pass. Your partner should grab the ball and return the ball back to you using the same chest pass. Your goal is to perform ten successful chest passes. […]

Bounce pass

How to master the Bounce Pass

This basketball drill working on passing and is a very simple pass to work on. Stand approximately six to eight feet away from a partner and throw a bounce pass. Attempt to have the ball hit the ground about two thirds of the way to your partner and bounce back up so that it meets the player at around his/her waist. When […]

push pass

The Push Pass

Performing the push pass drill is simple. Stand approximately eight to ten steps away from your partner, then throw the pass. Ensure that you hold the basketball with both hands. If you plan on passing on your right, step forward with your right foot. As you put your right foot past the person defending you, push the basketball to your teammate. The pass should be […]

basketball dribbling

The Amazing Spider Dribble

This basketball drill focuses on ball control and movement on the court. While you will probably never perform the spider dribble during a game, the drill is excellent at building your basketball handling skills.   The steps to this basketball drill Start by spreading your legs approximately shoulder width apart, bending your knees slightly while […]

basketball court

Mastering Tip In Rebounding

The tip in shot is one of the easiest ways to score off of a missed shot and as you become a better basketball player, the tip in rebound will become an important part of your game. Putting numbers on the board in a rebound situation is definitely better than coming back down with the […]


Wall Bounce Dribble

One of the first basketball drill often taught is the Wall Bounce Dribble.  This basketball drill really helps to improve strength in your fingers, wrists, and arms. For this basketball drill, all you need is a basketball and a wall.   Wall Bounce dribble steps Stand next to a wall Dribble your basketball at shoulder height against […]

basketball vertical leap

Benefit from basketball drills and training

The best way to benefit from basketball drills and training To really see gains in your basketball abilities, the right basketball drills and training is critical. There are not many sports in which you need to maintain tons of high levels of energy for long periods of time. Basketball requires a lot of stamina and endurance. It is important to focus on that […]

How to jump higher

Thеre аrе dіfferеnt workouts tо address the question of how to jump higher, іt iѕ јuѕt thаt уou nееd tо find оut whіch оneѕ will work for yоu. Increasing your vertical leap revolves around a lot of lower body and leg strength. If yоu аre ѕоmeоnе thаt does not livе nеar а gуm thеn уou […]