dual basketball dribbling

Mastering Basketball Dribbling with both hands

Improving your basketball ball handling on the court can best be achieved when practising with two basketballs.  If you want to master how to dribble a basketball, dual basketball dribbling drills allow you to really focus on using both of your hands at the same time to control your dribble and flow in the game. […]

Post Player Drills

Post Player Drills

Estаblіshing уoursеlf аѕ а solid оffеnѕivе poѕt plaуer iѕn’t somethіng thаt just “hарреnѕ”. You hаvе tо wоrk аt іt, day іn аnd day out! To reаllу sерaratе уourself frоm уоur competіtіоn, yоu havе tо work on уour gаmе on уоur own, іn personаl wоrkoutѕ аnd durіng оff-sеaѕon trаіnіng. Thе fоllowіng аre 5 grеаt drіllѕ thаt […]

basketball push pass

How to Perform a Perfect Chest Pass

The chest pass is an awesome basketball drill for building on your accuracy and passing ball movement.  Stand approximately six to eight feet away from your partner. Step forward with your dominant foot,  extend your arms fully, and make a pass. Your partner should grab the ball and return the ball back to you using the same chest pass. Your goal is to perform ten successful chest passes. […]

Bounce pass

How to master the Bounce Pass

This basketball drill working on passing and is a very simple pass to work on. Stand approximately six to eight feet away from a partner and throw a bounce pass. Attempt to have the ball hit the ground about two thirds of the way to your partner and bounce back up so that it meets the player at around his/her waist. When […]

push pass

The Push Pass

Performing the push pass drill is simple. Stand approximately eight to ten steps away from your partner, then throw the pass. Ensure that you hold the basketball with both hands. If you plan on passing on your right, step forward with your right foot. As you put your right foot past the person defending you, push the basketball to your teammate. The pass should be […]

basketball dribbling

Enhanced Ball Control and Dribbling

Being able to move with the basketball with ease whether strolling down the court, or sprinting to the basket is an important skill.  It is vital that you have excellent ball control at all times could mean the difference of winning or losing a game.  Players with poor dribbling and ball handling skills can completely […]