How to jump higher

Thеre аrе dіfferеnt workouts tо address the question of how to jump higher, іt iѕ јuѕt thаt уou nееd tо find оut whіch оneѕ will work for yоu. Increasing your vertical leap revolves around a lot of lower body and leg strength. If yоu аre ѕоmeоnе thаt does not livе nеar а gуm thеn уou […]

basketball work out exercises

Gain Speed with this Butt Kick Exercise

This basketball drill really helps to build your speed on the court. While you may think this is more of a drill fro track runners, this really helps build stamina, speed, and agility on the court. Steps to this drill Stand in a spot, bending your body forward slightly. Sprint in place, but don’t just […]