Learn to Increase Your Shooting Distance

How to get better at basketball shooting

A good player is always asking themselves how to get better at basketball shooting. Well, enhancing the distance with your jump shot is essential to transforming in to a better basketball player. Improving the range of your shot really should be a primary objective for any offensive player. Steps to this basketball drill After you […]

Improve your hook shot

Improve Your Hook Shot

This basketball drill is all about the hook shot.  The goal of this drill is to build up your basketball skills all around.  When this basketball drill is done correctly. you will improve in the following areas: Accuracy in your hook shot Overall coordination Shot release Confidence in your short game Follow through Touch and […]

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Mastering Tip In Rebounding

The tip in shot is one of the easiest ways to score off of a missed shot and as you become a better basketball player, the tip in rebound will become an important part of your game. Putting numbers on the board in a rebound situation is definitely better than coming back down with the […]