Enhanced Ball Control and Dribbling

Being able to move with the basketball with ease whether strolling down the court, or sprinting to the basket is an important skill.  It is vital that you have excellent ball control at all times could mean the difference of winning or losing a game.  Players with poor dribbling and ball handling skills can completely blow games.  On the other hand, players with excellent ball handling and control skills make amazing comebacks and win games from behind.

Today we are going to discuss some more dribbling drills to help with ball control and comfort while moving with the ball.

The Crossover Dribble Drill

To perform this basketball drill,

  1. Start by dribbling the ball with your dominant hand while heading slightly to the right side of the court.
  2. After four to five dribbles, plant your dominant foot and cross the ball over to your other hand with one bounce while heading at an angle to the left side of the court.
  3. Following several dribbles, plant your left foot, cross the ball over to your dominant hand with one dribble, and head back toward the proper side of the court.
  4. Repeat this zig-zag pattern back and forth until you reach the finish of the court.

To ensure that the crossover is working, it is important that you move up the court in a zig-zag motion instead of in a straight line. By dribbling toward one side of the court, you pull your defender more than to that side. Then, when you crossover, you get a bit of a head start in the new direction.

When your defender overplays you on the right side you crossover to the left and acquire another step benefit.

Behind The Back Dribble Drill

  1. Start by dribbling the basketball with your left hand while heading at an angle towards the right side of the court.
  2. Following four to five dribbles when your right foot is out front, bring your hips forward so you are able to pass the ball behind your back with one dribble to the right side. Really focus on pushing it toward the right. 
  3. Bring your right hand around your back to catch the ball.
  4. Catch it by dribbling with your right hand.
  5. Dribble four to five times with your right hand at an angle towards the left, plant your left foot, pull your hips forward, and pass the ball back towards the left side by utilizing a single dribble behind your back.
  6. Catch as much as it together with your left hand and repeat.

Checkout the video below for a visual look on the behind the back dribble.

The Gains

Performing these drills will help you to improve your overall comfort with the basketball.  It is important to work on your ball control on a daily basis and you will notice great improvements to your offensive game.  Practice these drills at least five to ten minutes a day until you get comfortable moving up and down the court with the ball.  Once you are comfortable only spend a few minutes each day with these drills.

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