Excellent Speed and Agility Drills

Speed on the court is extremely important in the game of basketball.  Not everyone who plays the game is lucky enough to be born with genes that will make them sprout up to over six feet tall.  Having speed on the court will help anyone, large or small really move whether on offence or defence.

Today we will cover two drills that will greatly improve your speed and agility.

Box Drill

This drill can be done alone, but it works better with three to four people.

  1. Setup a box using cones on the ground.
  2. Separate the cones approximately five yards from each other.
  3. In a group of people:
    1. Each person should start at a cone and you move clockwise as quickly as possible.
    2. You can turn this drill into a competition, with each persons goal being to tag out the other people.
    3. This requires each person to move as quick as possible to tag the individuals in front of them, while those individuals are moving quickly to avoid being tagged.
    4. The winner is the last person standing.
    5. You will perform this drill until someone wins.
  4. Doing this drill alone:
    1. Perform the rotations around the box for five minutes.
    2. If you begin to get dizzy, take a break and clear your head.
    3. Your goal is to get comfortable with doing this for at least five minutes each day.

Agility Cone Drill

In this exercise, you will use the same cones.  Feel free to spread them back further so you have more room to run.  This drill will help improve your speed, agility, and balance.

For this drill, you should have one other person with you directing you to one of the four cones.

  1. You want to start in the centre of the four cones, and have your partner yell or point to a cone.
  2. Once your cone has been identified you are to move as quickly as possible to the cone.
  3. Once you touch the cone, your partner should signal you to the next cone.
  4. Continue to move as quickly as possible to each of the cones your partner identifies.
  5. Feel free to add in different movements such as crossovers, sprints, or shuffles as you move between the cones.
  6. Perform this drill for approximately five minutes and then switch with your partner.
  7. If you do not have a partner for this drill then it is up to you to choose which cones to move to.
  8. Try and randomly move to each cone using different movements for a period of five minutes.

Improve, improve, improve

Utilizing these drills will really help you improve your speed, agility and balance when playing basketball.  You’ll become a better all around player as speed and agility help in both offence and defence.

bbking Author