Improve Your Hook Shot

This basketball drill is all about the hook shot.  The goal of this drill is to build up your basketball skills all around.  When this basketball drill is done correctly. you will improve in the following areas:

  • Accuracy in your hook shot
  • Overall coordination
  • Shot release
  • Confidence in your short game
  • Follow through
  • Touch and feel around the basket

Steps to this drill

  1. Stand in front of the basket approximately two or three feet in front of the rim.
  2. You will want to jump off from your left leg and fire a right handed hook shot.
  3. Your goal is to bank the shot off of the backboard and into the basket.
  4. Quickly rebound the ball and fire a left-handed hook shot this time leaping from your right leg.
  5. It is important to skyrocket up and off the ground as you take your shots.
  6. Be sure to keep both of your hands on the ball until you are in the final stages of releasing the shot.
  7. Completely extend your shooting arm, and let go of the ball high in the air.
  8. During this drill also use your non-shooting arm to create room between you and the person who would be defending you.

Own this basketball rebounding drill

  1. Take 15 shot attempts with each arm, then move back two to three feet and repeat.
  2. Fire another 15 hook shots with each arm.
  3. Over time you will notice this drill really improve your overall game.

bbking Author