Mastering Basketball Dribbling with both hands

Improving your basketball ball handling on the court can best be achieved when practising with two basketballs.  If you want to master how to dribble a basketball, dual basketball dribbling drills allow you to really focus on using both of your hands at the same time to control your dribble and flow in the game.

This basketball drill will also help you build strength and movement when you are dribbling with your weaker hand.

How to perform this drill

  1. Dribble both basketballs from center court to the free throw line.
  2. You want to focus on having both balls hitting the ground and bouncing back up to your hands at the same time.
  3. Keep the balls in sync while are are dribbling to the free throw line.
  4. Once you reach the free throw line, you will want to change up the dribble so that each ball hits the ground at a different time.
  5. Use this form of dribbling as you make your way to the baseline.
  6. Once you reach the baseline, turn around and dribble the balls in sync again back to center court.
  7. Perform this drill accurately for five sets.

If you need to go slowly at first to build up your skills with two basketballs that is okay.  As you get comfortable handling two balls at one time work on your speed.

bbking Author