The Push Pass

Performing the push pass drill is simple.

  1. Stand approximately eight to ten steps away from your partner, then throw the pass.
  2. Ensure that you hold the basketball with both hands.
  3. If you plan on passing on your right, step forward with your right foot.
  4. As you put your right foot past the person defending you, push the basketball to your teammate.
  5. The pass should be similar to a bounce pass.

Your goal during this basketball drill is to perform ten successful push passes to your partner starting with a distance of eight to ten steps apart. When you have made ten successful push passes, step back another five to ten steps and successfully complete another ten passes.  Continue following this drill and moving backwards from your partner until you can no longer make a good pass.

The benefits of this pass?

This is a great drill to perform to really get a strong and accurate push pass.  These passes are really good for getting past an opposing team’s player.  When the defence is crowding you, stepping past the defender and performing a push pass is an excellent way to get the ball to your teammate.

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